is a company specialized in custom software development and maintenance of enterprise systems. We have over seven years experience working with high-level clients witch are one of the main leaders in their sector.

Lines of business

The main segment business currently in INISCOM Systems and Communications are:

Development of custom software for remote control and monitoring
Monitoring systems and energy saving
Telemanagement alarm boxes and street lighting
Monitoring and remote management of information panels
Software for industrial exploitation of SCADA
Maintenance and optimization of computer systems
All types of custom applications for tablets, PDA's and smartphones

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Vision and values
  • Technology and innovation. In INISCOM differentiate ourselves by our high capacity for research and development, our vision and foresight in the planning of new systems and solutions for our clients.
  • Strength , stability and confidence. In a rapidly changing environment such as informatics , INISCOM always adapted quickly to changes , but essentially maintaining our high quality at affordable prices.
  • Experience and professionalism. We have over 7 years working for industry leading companies , services and developed a framework for remote management to measure, with qualified experts dedicated to developing products with proprietary technology.

Welcome to the new INISCOM website!!

We revamped the site to provide first-hand the products and services since we developed and implemented INISCOM years. With a strong team of highly qualified professionals in INISCOM always seek excellence and the best solutions and also economic for all our customers.


Ask for budget without compromise

In INISCOM we are committed to prepare a budget with the best technology solution to your needs and with competitive price. Just contact us and tell us about the requirements of your program / system and we will help you refine your idea and we will quote.

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New offices

INISCOM Communications and Systems has joined on SION Group in Gijón Technology Space. This has moved to new larger offices to grow and better serve all customers.

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